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Peter Carter – Musical Engineer

I decided to take on some private one-on-one with Dan at Evolve 8 weeks ago after hearing amazing reports from a friend.

I have never trained like this before in my life, he knows exactly how to push me to my limit but not overdo it and I feel amazing after each session (not overly tired).

I had really bad sciatica when starting but my whole ‘core‘ has strengthened and the sciatica has subsided. I feel a lot more solid on my feet and my fitness has improved 10 fold. I have since started doing group sessions alongside private with Dan and quit my busy, commercial gym (Virgin Active) to focus on this.

Dan’s knowledge and training style is second to none and this is the best investment I’ve ever made towards being fit and healthy. I am totally in the zone and motivated to stay fit and strong and training with Dan makes everything much easier.

I highly recommend training with him and I can’t wait for my next session on Monday!


Peter Carter - PB Deadlift 155kg - 4 reps

Peter Carter – PB Deadlift 155kg – 4 reps

Jackie Togher – Security Guard / Amateur Boxer

Since training with Dan and attending his Strength and Conditioning classes every week since april 2013, my fitness and stamina levels have never been as strong.
Dan pushes you to your limits and beyond in his very structured and tough workout regime. He always manages to work the class in to suit MY needs and has a very personal approach.

I was also in camp for 3 fights one of them being my recent boxing bout in which i gained a well deserved draw and i feel that the way i was able to carry on working and maintaining my form and focus throughout the rounds was due to the strength and conditioning Dan helped and trained me in.

I feel i can only continue to go from strength to strength under Dans excellent and professional tutelage.

<a href=”https://manchesterpt.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/1506237_452752984836353_380399184_o.jpg”><img class=”size-large wp-image-339″ alt=”Jackie ‘The Great White’ Togher” src=”https://manchesterpt.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/1506237_452752984836353_380399184_o.jpg?w=590&#8243; width=”590″ height=”393″ /></a> Jackie ‘The Great White’ Togher


Ste McKenna – Plumber / Professional Thai Boxer

Before training with Dan at Evolve I was just aimlessly lifting weights in a generic gym. But with Dan’s help and enthusiasm I’ve been able to fight at a professional level, run a marathon, enter several endurance events and make some positive lifestyle changes. Anyone who is serious about getting ahead in sports / fitness or diet should really get in touch with Dan.

Ste McKenna

Ste McKenna

Brian Jack Taylor – Professional Muay Thai fighter. UK Top 10

I’ve been working with Dan for almost a year now, during this time dan has become a vital part of my training programme that helps get me ready for competition.

When I met Dan we sat down discussed what goals I would like to achieve. Dan also gave me ideas and advice he thought would benefit me in my training.

Since working with Dan I feel I have met and surpassed my goals.

Dan takes time to design work outs specific to your requirements while trying to implement new ideas of training. Lessons are always planned using skill and knowledge with goals that can achieved.

Dan can always push you to get more out of yourself.

If I have any questions about training, diet and nutrition, I know I could trust what Dan tells me to be accurate and the right choice for me.

I would recommend Dan to anyone who was thinking about or is interested in training, no matter what your goals and interests are you would get the Desired results.

Brian Jack Taylor

Brian Jack Taylor

Levi Nicolle Smith – Model – Manchester

Dan has been training me for around 6 months now and has helped me now end in improving my fitness levels. He is very methodical in his training and explains everything he does and why he’s doing it. He has also helped me with my diet and opened my eyes to flexible dieting and a lot of myths I’ve read about in the fitness realm.

I love training with Dan, he makes every session fun but tough and I always feel like I’ve achieved something with him. He doesn’t just ‘beast’ you for the sake of it and will always take into consideration my training requirements. I’ve really happy with my current shape and get a lot of complements on my legs and flutes which was my reason for seeing Dan in the first place.

Levi Nicolle Smith - Model

Levi Nicolle Smith – Model

Tom Grindel – Endurance Athlete – Manchester

I’ve worked with Dan at Evolve for a couple of years now and the training he provides there is always different, but always at a great intensity suitable for me. Strength & Conditioning and high intensity circuits at Evolve with Dan are the reason why I always score so highly in Tough guy, SAS Fandance and other endurance races.

Records since working with Dan

· Toughguy: 16th Winter 2010 / 5th Summer 2012
· SAS Fandance: 5th Winter 2013 / 6th Summer 2013
· Marines Commando Challenge: 5th 2012

Raisa Tryon – Hostess at Entourage – Manchester

As someone who has done dance as part of a uni course for 2 years and someone who used to attend the gym once or twice a week, I thought that my fitness levels were quite good. It wasn’t until I started working with Dan I realised how low my fitness levels really were. I am also one of those girls who struggles to keep the weight off and have always wanted to get slim and toned. After trying many different diets and fitness regimes, I’ve noticed that I don’t push myself hard enough to make a big enough difference. I started working with Dan about 6/7 weeks ago and can honestly say I can see a difference in my body shape already. Not just myself, but other people have noticed and have told me how slim I’m looking which is a great confidence boost. I discussed with Dan what I wanted to achieve by doing the training and what he would be having me do within the sessions to try and get me there. We set a target that I am slowly working towards and so far I can see myself hitting it. Not only do I feel healthier from doing the exercise but the feeling I get off knowing that I will eventually have to body I’ve always wanted is great. Dan’s also been really helpful guiding me with my diet. I honestly haven’t changed it that much but he has some great tips on how to steer away from cravings and choose healthier options. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking to change their body shape or tone up as he seems to have a lot of knowledge on different body types men and women, making him a very versatile trainer.

Raisa Tryon (right)

Raisa Tryon (right)

Katy Johnson – Sports Massage Therapist – Manchester

I first went to Dan looking for help with developing my upper body strength following an injury. Dan has helped me to accomplish this and much more too. My whole body now feels stronger than it ever has before and my cardiovascular stamina has also improved. Dan is now helping me to achieve my new weight loss goals. His approach has been brilliant as he is extremely professional and knowledgable. Dan manages to apply the right balance of drive and encouragement to get you training to your highest potential whilst still keeping you at ease with his friendly attitude. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Katy Johnson Massage Therapist

Katy Johnson Massage Therapist

Tom McDonald – Teacher – Manchester / Australia

Dan is a brilliant teacher and Jiu Jitsu has been a fantastic way of keeping fit and learning a martial art has been educational and inspiring. I will definitely be taking it up down under. –

Tom McDonald winning a medal at a recent grappling tournament.

Tom McDonald winning a medal at a recent grappling tournament.


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