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GLC 2000 Review

I received an e-mail from Joel at GLC 2000 last month about this product, which is branded as ‘The world’s most potent cartilage & joint formula’. He send me a 240 capsule tub to try out and review.

I often hear martial artists complaining about sore joints wether it be shoulder, knee, ankle or hip there’s always one injury, so I figure a good defence is the best offence to injuries so a joint supplement would be in most athletes pill boxes.

I personally have never used any kind of joint or cartilage formulas but have experienced the pain of knee and shoulder damage so figured I would give it a try especially considering it was a free sample to review. Before trying any kind of supplement I like to have a look exactly what I’m taking and if anyone else has tried it before. I found that MMA legend Bas Rutten is a massive fan of GLC 2000 and uses it regularly. He also rates it highly over other joint formulas he’s used in the past. Well if it’s good enough for Bas it’s good enough for me.

GLC 2000 should be taken twice a day in order to receive maximum benefit. It is the only product that supplies you with all four glucosamines. I’ve been using it now for around 1 month and I’ve actually noticed in the last week that my joints are feeling much stronger. I do a lot of plyometric work in strength & conditioning and put quite a lot of pressure on my joints which I sometimes get pain from for a day or two after but with GLC I’ve not experienced these problems. I also get joint pain when wrestling and some striking which seems to have been nullified by this product.

It’s also recommended for people with arthritis and long term joint problems as well as athletes. I’ve been trawling through the internet to try and find bad points about this product such as draw backs or side effects and can not find any. I will continue to use this product and would recommend it to pretty much everyone. 10/10

GLC 2000

GLC 2000

Scramble Grip Trainer Review

I came across these on the Scramble facebook page when they put out an offer to send free pairs to bloggers to write about them. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the chosen few, but my colleague Kieran was who’s reviewed their spats before. And so as a result I’ve decided to give them a report myself.

I first tried to use these after a tough strength & conditioning session at Evolve and immediately regretted this choice. Having gone for the first exercise I thought of which was a pull up I could feel the intensity and value this product could add to my workout almost immediately. Depending how I had my hands obviously dictated the toughness of the pull up. Now in an attempt to ‘challenge’ myself I went straight for Spider grip, which was impossible to do more than half a rep of. Switching to collar or sleeve grip made it much more manageable.

Various grip pull ups

Various grip pull ups

Excited to try these out again I set about it properly the next day doing more imaginative things other than just different styles of pull ups, although I do love a good pull up or chin up so it was a lot of that too. To improve my spider grip I used a kettlebell and switched to good old fashioned rows, and also did some body rows using the scaffold at Evolve again.

Kieran doing body rows

Kieran doing body rows

A lot of the time post training session I like to provide some type of finisher or challenge and these often involve endurance such as hercules holds or dead hangs. These grip trainers make it absolutely deadly to do hangs. But sure enough myself and Kieran strapped them to the rings and timed ourselves holding on in various grips. I’ll submit my best score which was with a sleeve grip and held for 73 seconds which I’m happy enough with. I’m excited to see what it’ll go up to with continuous training using these grip trainers.

Now all the good training stuff is covered it’s onto the materials and quality. Needless to say as with all scramble gear the quality of material is really strong on these and is actually genuine gi material they use on the Wave Kimono.

The design is ace, simple but effective, you just wrap it round the piece of kit you’re using it with and you’re good to go.

Really versatile uses

Really versatile uses

Finally the pattern on the inside of the grip deserves a mention, the fact that a piece of kit has a cool pattern is always a nice touch, it’s the same material from the Wave Kimono again which sets the standard high for Scramble. Their attention to detail is second to none.

Scramble Wave Kimono

Scramble Wave Kimono

I’ve not tested any other grip trainers to be honest, but I can’t see anyone beating these. 10/10. You can buy them here


Combat Soap Review

Every so often I get asked to do reviews from different companies on their lastest products to see what I make of them. You can view them all here.

In martial arts and self-defence we’re constantly drilling and practicing techniques to make us more effective fighters and to protect ourselves from attack. But what about off the mat and out of the ring or the cage. How do we defend ourselves against infection passed on from the mat. Before I started training jiu jitsu I was blissfully unaware of infection like staph, ringworm and folliculitis. I now find it has become increasingly more common to hear of grapplers and BJJ players to get these infections. Personal hygiene in number one to keep yourself on the mat.

I was contacted by Combat Soap in late January 2013 who sent me some samples to try out and review. Combat soap is designed specifically for people who participate in these close contact sports to prevent skin infections. Before receiving this product I was unaware of this brand but had seen fightsoap before which is an American brand delivering a similar product.

On first use of combat soap I found it had a good lathering qualities, it was thick and bubbly so went on easily. Also on the underside of the bar it has an uneven rough surface, which was good to use as a scrub on my skin and felt like it got a deep clean.

In terms of smell, which is very important, (no one wants to get a shower only to come out smelling of industrial cleaning products) this wasn’t overly perfumed and had quite a subtle smell of tea tree.
The tea tree smell is on account of the manuka honey used in this product. Manuka honey is one of the main ingredients in the product on account of Manuka tea tree oils benefits. Manuka tea tree oil is used to fight infection and has many anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-septic qualities. It’s also an anti-inflamatory so great for any striking fighters after a hard sparring session.

Another active ingredient in combat soap is melaleuca alternifolia which is very similar to Manuka tea tree oil in it’s qualities so serves as an additional boost against infection and viruses. These are the two main ingredients I would look for when using a product of this nature.

In terms of price this product retails at £4.99. This is quite a high price point for a bar of soap but the quality of the products dictates the price and this is a fairly specialist product so I’d say it’s justified.

Based on other brands that are out there of a similar type I’d rate this fairly highly although it does lose points for using manuka honey and not the higher quality manuka tea tree oil so I’m giving it 8 out of 10.

Combat Soap

Combat Soap

Kinetica Oat Gain

Kinetica oat gain is a weight gain product available in two sizes 2.4kg and 4.8kg and an array of flavours. The particular one I’m looking at today is a Raspberry Yogurt flavour.

Due to the fact it is a weight gainer it has 600k/cals per serving, although this isn’t as high as other well-known gainers.  We are directed to use three scoops per serving, in which you’re getting 82g carbohydrates and 45g of protein.  Although this may seem like a lot of carbohydrates to be taking on in one serving, these are coming from ground oats so unlike other gainers where you have high sugar content these slow release carbohydrates are obviously much better for you and make this product suitable to a greater number of gym users, not just the classic hard gainers. This product contains no added sugar too which is a bonus given the large calorie content-with these stats you’d almost expect added sugar.

Another advantage is it has MCT’s, which are found in the coconut oil used in this product. That allows your body to convert these calories more efficiently into energy and not store them as fat, which can be a downside with a lot of high calorie mass gainers that are high in sugar.

There are also 3g of glutamine per serving which also aids recovery and is an essential amino acid often sold separately. Glutamine plays key roles in protein metabolism, cell volumising, and anti-catabolism. Glutamine also increases your ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth. Glutamine’s anti-catabolism ability prevents the breakdown of your muscles.

The product mixes fairly well with a regular protein shaker and a blender isn’t required. The consistency can be bitty due to the ground oats but this doesn’t cause any problems. I’d recommend mixing the three scoop serving with 500ml of water or milk.

The reason I mentioned the flavour I was testing above was due to the taste report, which gets the thumbs up from me. The raspberry yogurt flavour is really delicious and tastes like a normal milkshake. I’d happily drink this regularly.

For a hard gainer I’d recommend taking this product in the morning with breakfast, before training for added energy and also after training to help recover the body for the next training session. For those who are just looking to up their calories a bit you can reduce the number of serving to 1 or 2 a day. This isn’t a product to take before bed, as carbohydrates aren’t needed at that time.

It’s a high end product in terms of price per serving but this is reflected in the quality of the product. The bigger size 4.8kg has an RRP set at £99.00, which is 30 servings, but at the moment Evolve is able to sell this product for £60.00 at the moment due to a special offer.

I’d rate this product pretty highly and give it an 9/10 dropping a point purely for the high RRP.

Kinetica Oat Gain

Kinetica Oat Gain


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