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Evolve Combat & Parkour Centre – Evolve is a completely alternative way of exercising and excelling. Homegrown in Manchester Evolve is a new breed of fitness experience that gives you a platform for excellence.

Evolve specialises in THAI BOXING, JIU JITSU, MMA, PARKOUR, CIRCUIT TRAINING, ASSAULT COURSE TRAINING, STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING and YOGA and takes inspiration from strongman, military fitness, gymnastics and acrobatics as well as martial arts training old and new.


Kosher Fitness – Kosher Fitness is a health club based at the heart of the Jewish Community in Manchester. They are housed in the Jewish Cultural Centre on the corner of Park Road and Bury Old Road. Kosher Fitness has been established since 2002 and aims to fulfill the Jewish Communities needs and wants to build a healthier society.


Karma K9 – Karma K9 is Manchester’s leading specialist in dog walking, training and behavioural services. They offer a unique, modern and high quality service that uses the latest scientifically proven training methods to benefit both you and your dog.



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