About Manchester S&C


Strength & Conditioning coach and Personal Trainer with locations in Manchester City Centre and Salford

Dan Fisher

Name: Dan Fisher
Age: 27
Home town: Manchester
Teaching qualifications: BWLA Coach, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Ushomi Kettlebell & Bulgarian Bag Certified, Premier Kettlebell instructor.
Other qualifications/credentials: BJJ blue belt
How many years have you spent learning this sport: 7 years
Years teaching this sport: 5 years
What training do you do yourself: Strength & Conditioning, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Teaching style: Encouraging, results based.
People you look up to: Phil Hanna, James Beveridge, My Dad
Competitive career: Competed in MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ and endurance races.
Career highlights: Getting BJJ Blue belt, Completing Tough Guy and SAS Fandance
Teaching highlights: Working with team GB Olympians and World class fighters.
Teaching goals: To continue working with professional fighters and athletes until they are World Champions.
Other goals: To raise a family.
Other interests: Diet and nutrition, learning more and delivering advice. Reading factual books and journals.


BWLA Certified Weightlifting Coach

Level 3 Personal Trainer (Lifetime)

Kettlebell Instructor  (Premier)

First Aid at Work (St John’s Ambulance)



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